A board game–inspired RPG for one or several players


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Conclave is an RPG for one or more players where you have to create your own character and participate in different adventures and campaigns, both solo or with the help of other players online.

At the beginning of Conclave, you have to choose the race, class, and gender of your hero, as well as a name. Once you've created your character, you can start your adventures, moving over the game map and accepting different missions.

Some of the missions are meant to be played solo, and you can tackle them without much trouble, while to beat others you'll need the help of a group of adventurers that you can summon at any time through the Internet.

The combat system in Conclave is very similar to what you see in any other board game. You can do two actions in each turn, like moving, running, defending, attacking, and other basic actions.

When you're not in combat, Conclave develops in a similar way to narrative adventures. You read the description of whats happening and choose a course of action from among the different options available.

Conclave is a traditional and outstanding classic RPG. It's not super attractive visually speaking but the gameplay will delight veterans of the genre.
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